Hurricane Irma Recovery and Relief (Video)

Hurricane Irma Recovery and Relief (Video)

Some ideas to support friends & neighbors recovering after Hurricane Irma: 1. If you have electricity, gift your water and/or gasoline stockpile to someone who is without power right now. 2. If you have electricity, invite friends and family over for a shower, a...

[Video] How to End the Stigma Against Mental Illness

With an estimated 43.8 million people in the U.S. alone who reportedly experience a mental disorder in a given year, it’s time we end the stigma, or shame, associated with mental illness. This video provides 4 points to consider. If you enjoy our video content,...

4 Tips for Healing through Estrangement [Video]

Something told me to Google my stepfather’s name. A nudge guided me to skip going to his Facebook page, as I had many times in the past, and to use the search engine instead. And there it was. His obituary. He passed away six months ago. He has been cremated, his...

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