wisdom is nothing more than healed pain

I spent years looking for a “teacher.” I wanted a guru, someone who could enlighten me, show me the path. Help me make sense of all the shit that didn’t make sense to me and make me feel “self-actualized” while doing it.

But you know who those teachers are? Those mentors? Those gurus?

They’re you and me.

They are people, just like us, who have been through what we’ve been through. They’re just a little bit further along on the path than we are. They are following the yellow brick road, but waiting for them at the end isn’t an Emerald City.

It’s healing.

I learned I was a healer by needing to be healed. I would like to say I’m “anointed by God,” but we’re all anointed by God. We have all been bestowed gifts to use and to share. No one of us is any more special than another in that regard.

What that means is that we’re all special. We’re all healers.

Some have been practicing and studying longer than others, but we’re all students in the exact same classroom.

The answers you seek are inside of you. The “wise one” we spend our lives searching for is US.

Isn’t that the most liberating and equally terrifying thing you’ve ever heard?!?

I am who I’m searching for.

We tap into that bottomless pool of divine knowing by doing something as “simple” as “going within.”

What does that even mean?

Do we sit cross-legged on a bolster for three hours a day, tuned into our minds eye so that our spirit guides can reveal the mysteries of the universe to us?

Some of us do. No judgment.

But it’s so much more elementary than that. Our inner knowing is accessed by simply asking, “how do I feel about that…?” And “that” can be anything.

Our emotions are our navigation system, directing us through life. By not consulting with our feelings to guide us, we are literally driving our cars along a dark winding road without headlights on.

No wonder it feels treacherous. Because it is!

Our inner knowing, our divine wisdom, is always only a breath away. Instead of asking the person you’re with, your best friend, your spouse, your boss, your child, what is right for you, ask yourself what is right for you. You may not hear a voice, or see a vision, containing the answer. But if you pay attention to the emotional reaction you experience in reference to any question, you will get your answer.

You will receive Divine guidance.

And it will come from YOU, through YOU, to YOU.

No one else is an authority on us except us. It’s time, dear one, to embrace your power. You are a badass sorcerer of divine light. Accept it. Honor it. Use it.

Wisdom truly is nothing more than healed pain. What is the wisdom you have to share with the world?



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