5 metaphysical signs you may be headed for a heart attack

He died on the treadmill at the gym of a massive heart attack.

There was nothing they could do. He was gone before paramedics arrived.

He was a dear friend of ours, someone who was at the gym every morning at 4:30 AM and in bed by 8PM. Someone who religiously performed his cardio and weight training, who ate well and took vitamins, who didn’t smoke or drink to excess and had been to the doctor for regular checkups.

Physically, he did everything right.

So, how did he have such a sick heart?

Manifestation of Heart Attack

It’s taken a long time to look at this scenario and be able to see it objectively. When we lose someone we love, our tendency is to assume the victim role, becoming victims of the loss. But with time and distance comes a better understanding of how the people we love can manifest experiences into their lives that we wouldn’t want for them.  And as helpless as it makes us feel, we have no control over the powers of manifestation for someone else’s life. 

Our bodies are physical manifestations of our mental and emotional states. This explains why identical twins, two human beings who are exactly alike with identical genetic profiles, do not develop the same physical illnesses. Taking genetic predisposition out of the equation, why would one twin develop a physical illness that the second twin doesn’t also develop?

As previously discussed, human beings are energy receivers and transmitters. The thoughts we think and the words we speak manifest our external reality. Even though twins may be identical genetically, spiritually they are totally different beings, with distinct energetic profiles. To the degree which each person is in control of his or her thoughts and emotions determines what those thoughts and emotions will manifest in the external world.

Mental and emotional patterns create predictable physical outcomes. Medical intution [1]  is the practice of observing someone’s thought patterns and predicting their physical state or conversely, looking at someone’s physical state and predicting their predominant thought patterns.

Since the heart represents the center of love and joy in the physical body, the thought patterns which lead to heart-related problems involve insecurity regarding love and joy. Those who suffer heart problems often think and behave in ways that perpetuate a lack of joy in their lives.

5 Signs of Manifestation of Heart Attack

Our friend who died on the treadmill of a massive heart attack had been married twice and had gone through two contentious divorces. He lived alone and was estranged from his two adult children. His mother and brother, the only family he kept in touch with, lived six states away. He poured himself into his work, but his job was stressful and unfulfilling. The company he worked for kept their employees underpaid and underappreciated, but they had a good retirement program which prompted him to stay. Although he had several good friends, most were married. Because he didn’t want to intrude on their family time, he spent a lot of time alone.

Looking at his personal history, we can identify several emotional, if not physical, risk factors for heart attack. These are offered as an example of the guidance medical intuition can provide when determining our physical health:

  1. Isolation– the number one predictor of human longevity is our ability to form and maintain close personal relationships. Those who are isolated socially are expected to have significantly shorter life spans than those who enjoy close relationships with intimate partners and friends. After two unsuccessful marriages, he had sworn off dating, putting an end to intimate relationships. Lack of an intimate partner and/or close friends who he spent a majority of his time with led to decreased feelings of connection and a lack of the stress relieving benefits of daily interactions.
  2. Unresolved grief and sadness- estrangement from family members can lead to prolonged feelings of isolation and a lack of support. The inability to interact with his children while they were growing up, and later with his grandchildren, might have caused him to carry unresolved grief for many years.
  3. Fear mentality- fear of his retirement years kept him in a job he found stressful and unfulfilling. Instead of seeking more enjoyable employment in the present, he chose to suffer in an undesireable job for the promise of a comfortable retirement. Sadly, he passed away before he ever had the chance to retire.
  4. Lack of small pleasures- All work and no play perpetuates a lack of joy. The joy we feel from interacting with a favorite hobby, or perhaps a pet, is a healing balm to our soul. The more opportunities we have to feel joy, the healthier we will be energetically, and the healthier we will be physically. Anything that increases our ability to feel joy is medicine to our energetic bodies as well as our physical bodies.
  5. Unwillingness to evolve and adapt- writing off future relationships, the unwillingness to change jobs, carrying unresolved sadness long-term indicates a shutting down, a closing off. When a human being no longer wishes to expand or evolve, there is only one way to reset to source consciousness and that is to release the physical form.

Wrap Up

Medical intuition has taught that we needn’t live in fear of our DNA. The physical manifestation of disease relies as much on our energetic state as it does our genetic profile. Understanding the connection between our predominant emotional state and our physical manifestation patterns provides the road map for healing- not only of our physical bodies, but also our minds.

This information is both good news and bad.

We can’t change someone else’s manifesation pattern. We are each individually responsible for our emotional state. Friends or loved ones headed down a dangerous energetic path must course correct for themselves. We can’t do it for them.

But, for those of us with a family history of medical problems, mental illness, or emotional dysfunction, those energetic patterns do not define us. 

The universal laws of manifestation prove that we control our destiny.

Do you have experience with resolving a physical ailment by addressing it’s energetic source? 
I have had many over the years and a pretty interesting elbow story going on right now. Share with me, I’d love to hear! 



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