Many mental health practitioners shy away from discussing topics like spirituality when addressing the subject of mental illness, or conversely, mental wellness. But if we are going to make real progress in improving our mental and emotional states, and thus our physical health, we might as well identify a few universal truths:

  • Every physical thing, at it’s core, is energy.
  • The energy that makes up the physical world is malleable and responsive. We interact with it and channel it everyday, whether or not we do so intentionally. To see what I mean, I highly recommend —>this book
  • We channel this energy through our intention, or thoughts. We can think of it this way: thoughts become things.
  • Whatever gets the majority of our attention or focus, will manifest fastest. Summed up, what we focus on increases.
  • Therefore, our physical bodies are manifestations of our perpetual mental and emotional state.
  • Disease or “dis-ease” in the physical body provides the road map for addressing the underlying mental and emotional causes of our distress. The physical body cannot heal without healing the root emotional issues. Therefore, addressing the underlying cause of our distress is the key to healing our physical bodies.  For a more thorough explanation, read —>this book.

In order to achieve both physical and mental wellness, we must understand that we are energetic beings manifested into physical form. The sooner we embrace this awareness, the sooner healing can occur.

We are energy generators.

As medical intuitive, Tina Zion, explains in her book, atoms composed of their subatomic particles- electrons, protons, and neutrons- spin. The earth spins on it’s axis, while also spinning in orbit around the sun. Earth’s weather flows from west to east, and in areas of intense energy generation, it spins into the formation of hurricanes and tornadoes. Stars spin in orbit around their respective galaxies, and even galaxies, in all their enormity, spin.

On a cellular level, living things are made up of similar energy generating parts, evidenced by the molecular spinning and vibrating that goes on within every cell in every living thing. The mitochondria, a particular organelle present inside each cell, is nicknamed “the powerhouse of the cell” because it generates the energy necessary for the cell to carry out the processes of life.

On an organism level, human beings have energy centers in which energy circulates and flows. Eastern medicine has long recognized the seven chakras as energetic hubs, evenly spaced throughout the human body, associated with controlling various physical, mental, and emotional processes. Within each of these seven chakras, our energy is thought to spin in a clockwise motion.

A generator is a machine or device used to convert mechanical energy, such as that provided by the combustion of fuel or by wind or water, into electricity. From the subatomic microscopic level to the intergalactic macroscopic level, every physical manifestation is itself an energy generator-spinning and creating the energy which is the invisible fabric of our universe.

That means human beings are also energy generators. Our bodies convert mechanical and chemical energy into electricity. It is this electricity which allows our hearts to beat, our muscles to contract, and neurotransmitters to carry messages from our brains all the way to our toes.

Our bodies generate energy to fuel the involuntary processes of life like circulation and breathing, but we also generate energy to support the voluntary processes of life like thinking and creating. By focusing our creative energy, human beings have accomplished some pretty amazing things:

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To access our physical, mental, and emotional healing, EACH of us must embrace our ability to direct and utilize this energetic force.

Thoughts become things and what we focus on increases.

The human brain is akin to a combination radio transmitter and receiver. Our brains transmit energy through our thoughts and emotions, and our brains receive like energy from the energetic fabric around us. By understanding that the human mind is the most advanced, high-tech, super computer that has ever been created, we can begin to understand that by intentionally focusing our “brain wave transmissions,” we can influence the energetic soup around us to create some pretty amazing things too. Incidentally, by focusing that same super computer on undesirable things, we can unintentionally “transmit” a desire for those undesirable things, and thus, receive them.

Therefore, if you tell yourself, don’t think of a pink elephant, what is likely to happen? You guessed it.

File May 11, 3 39 24 PM

Front and center in your mind is that pink elephant. The same thing happens with anything we hold in consciousness.
If we tell ourselves over and over, “I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want to be sick,” what happens?

“Sick” is what we are transmitting and more “sick” is what we receive.

In order to receive “less sick” we can’t focus on “sick” at all. We must focus on well.

We train our minds on the things we do want as opposed to the things we don’t because thoughts become things.

Additionally, what we focus our intention on manifests fast and first. In other words, what we focus on increases.

Which begs the question, where’s your focus? And as a result, what have you received?

Our physical bodies are a manifestation of our perpetual mental and emotional state.

Based on how our brain transmitter/receiver works, it makes sense that mental patterns held over a long period of time would result in predictable patterns of physical manifestation. That’s why, as a medical intuitive, one can look at someone’s physical health status and get insight into their mental and emotional well being and vice versa.

In our last article, we talked about the root cause of depression and strategies for healing. The same idea applies to the more overt physical manifestations of unhealthy thought patterns as well. Essentially, each and every manifestation of “dis-ease” in the physical body is linked to a mental or emotional “energetic” root cause.

Some of these patterns are easy to guess: skin problems are related to poor boundaries and identity issues. Foot trouble is linked to apprehension about taking the “next step” in life. These are easy to identify and even more fun to “fix.” Folks get pretty excited to see that a change in their consciousness can clear up the eczema that’s been bothering them for a long time!

But what about the “big” physical problems and the “big” mental health issues? Can the same rule apply to the seemingly insurmountable physical and psychological ailments that threaten our existence in this life?


The pursuit of whole-life wellness is within our reach. If only we will follow the signs and treat the problem at it’s source.

The answers are within each of us. Our bodies are leading the way, giving us clues as to our own healing. Telling us where to look and what to do.

Cancers result from long-held resentments and the areas in which they occur give a clue as to their origin. Psychiatric disorders are related to a need to escape and a lack of connection to authentic self.

In short, what needs healing is the guide to how to heal it.

Our bodies are our road map to well being.

I look forward to sharing more next week and, as always, if you find this information helpful, please share it!

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Be well, friends.

P. S. Watch it —>Here

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