to good people

It’s the news that no one ever wants to hear.

When someone you care for is diagnosed with a catastrophic illness and must prepare to battle for their life.

It prompts the question, why him? And conversely, why not him? Or why not any particular one of us?

We feel our mortality. That pesky detail of the human condition that we try so very hard to ignore, overlook, and deny.

But mortality is what makes life so precious; the fact that it is finite.

Mortality is what causes us to ask, am I focusing on the right things? Am I enjoying life to its fullest? Am I staying grateful every moment for the people and experiences and things that I hold most dear?

Make sure your answer is yes.

Stay present.

Stay grateful.

Stay kind.

And if you must fight an epic battle, let the people who love you fight it with you. Our greatest strength comes from loving and being loved.

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When bad things happen to good people

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