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The goal of this lifetime is to uncover our gift.

The one thing we do better than all others.

Our predilection, our calling. It’s not a choice as much as it is our soul urging us forward, compelling us to do something.

That one thing.

Sometimes that one thing might feel beneath us. A waste of our precious time and energy that we could spend chasing the things the world tells us are desirable…notoriety, money, prestige, accolades. But we will always be discontent in the pursuit of things outside of our gift because, once uncovered, the purpose of our life is to give that gift away.

To share ourselves with others. To contribute in whatever way we can and in whichever way is ours to share.

What is your gift? Is it caring for a family? Teaching someone to read? Raising strong, emotionally healthy children? Fostering homeless pets to find them forever homes? Making the world a more beautiful place? Treating every living thing with kindness? Being the light for someone else?

No matter how big or small, gifts all.

The funny thing is…the secret… is that the notoriety, money, prestige, and accolades often come to those who share their gifts freely. Living our divine purpose rewards us abundantly.

So, what are we waiting for?


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