From Your Therapist’s BookShelf…

Take the Stairs is about self-discipline–the ability to take action regardless of your emotional state, financial state, or physical state. This book isn’t about doing things the hardest way possible, but it is about doing the hardest things as soon as possible so that you can get whatever you want in life–as soon as possible.” 

I happened upon this book in the stacks at our favorite used book store here in Jacksonville and sometimes you just happen upon a gem. I had not heard of Rory Vaden before, but his writing style, his message, and his down-to-earth approach are so relatable that I devoured this book. 


In short, “taking the stairs” is the way he describes our need to do the uncomfortable things that are good for us in the long run (like eating our vegetables or taking the stairs) versus doing the easy things at the moment that move us further away from our goals (like eating fast food, or taking the escalator whenever we get the chance). 


I also love the recap in the last chapter where he gathers up the actionable advice he presented throughout the book and summarizes it for us again…increasing the chances that we will actually follow his plan and take the steps to be successful—or in his words, take the stairs. 


5/5 stars

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