When we think about staying healthy, certain things appear on our short list of must-do’s: healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, medical check ups, dental cleanings. What often doesn’t register as an integral piece of our well-being, requiring regular maintenance and care, is our mental and emotional health. 

Often, it isn’t until we reach our breaking point that we begin to understand how vitally important our mental health is to our overall well being. Our thoughts govern our feelings, and our feelings govern our behavior. When our feelings are not being cared for, our behavior shows it and our overall performance suffers. 

In addition to our physical health, it is our duty to also take good care of ourselves mentally and emotionally so that we can be the best versions of ourselves we are capable of being. 

The following are a few ways to maintain Good Mental Health:

  • Follow therapists online for daily ideas, affirmations, and encouragement (you can find us on instagram @goodmental_health)
  • Read self help books
  • Journal or engage in some time of self reflection or self study.
  • Practice mindfulness in some capacity (meditation, yoga, prayer)
  • Take care of your physical body (movement, sleep, sunlight, rest, nutrition)
  • Create a support network 
  • Learn to set and maintain boundaries
  • Build trust with yourself by keeping your word to yourself.
  • Practice self compassion when you slip and mess up on this journey

I often describe my practice as serving two ends of the spectrum. As a counselor, I serve clients who are struggling with issues that can make it difficult some days to engage with life. On the other end of the spectrum, as a coach, I work with clients who are already successful and high functioning, but willing to learn new skills, adopt new mindsets, and integrate new tools that can help them become even more of what they desire to be. At both ends of this spectrum, we are human beings who require nurture, compassion, and care in order to thrive. The only difference is the point at which our journey begins. 

By giving ourselves the space and permission to take care of all facets of us- mentally, physically, and spiritually- we set the stage to perform at our highest levels, to serve others with our greatest ability, and to love those we care about with the maximum capacity of our hearts. 

Our power and effectiveness is a direct result of our own self care. 

For more information on setting healthy boundaries, maintaining strong relationships, and keeping Good Mental Health a priority, visit our blog at GoodMentalHealthLLC.com.

maintaining our mental and emotional health

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