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What happens when the stress boils over?

This post floated through my Facebook feed last week:

Good Mental Health

This fall has been rough down here in Florida. Hurricane Irma blew through on September 11, 2017, evacuating and shutting down almost the entire state. Most communities lost electricity and water (and many have yet to be restored), many suffered structural damage to buildings and homes, some experienced such severe flooding that residents had to be rescued from their homes via boat.

And in spite of the heartwarming human interest stories of neighbors helping neighbors, residents opening their homes to strangers fleeing the path of the storm, animal rescues, and line workers being appreciated, this situation is a lot for anyone to bear.

It’s especially hard for those who had difficulty coping with every day stress. Add the stress of a natural disaster to the mix and it can feel like dropping a match into a can of gasoline.

Stressful situations magnify the problems that already exist.

If you or someone you love is experiencing domestic violence, please reach out. Seek help. Find support.

Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline here:

In Florida, contact the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline here:

For local resources in the metro Jacksonville area, visit:    or

If you have knowledge that children are being exposed to domestic violence in the home, contact your local child protection agency.

In Florida, dial 1-800-96-ABUSE or visit

If you are in immediate danger, dial 911.

Domestic violence is never okay. No matter how stressed out someone might be. 

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