wellnessFruitloop submitted his witness list last week.

There was NO ONE on it.

Nobody. Zip. Zilch. Zero people.

Not. A. Soul.

Which I guess is a good thing. Because that means our depositions successfully shut him down. We gave him no one else to pursue, abuse, contact, harrass, or call as a witness. Except us.

I’m thinking of a finger for you, Fruitloop. So THERE!


On a more serious note, I have been thinking of more than just a finger lately.

I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been fixated on mental illness for the past three and a half years. For a lot of reasons–but the biggest one being Fruitloop.

I went back to graduate school to work on a degree in mental health. I’ve consumed hundreds of books, websites, articles, blog posts, journals, texts, podcasts, ebooks, and audio books on this subject during that time (but times that number by 100 if we’re talking about over the course of my lifetime.)

My first research paper in 8th grade was on Sigmund Freud. #truth

And what I’ve come to realize is this…

While I’ve been learning all I can about mental ILLNESS, the subject I’m really interested in is mental WELLNESS.

I’ve been studying the wrong thing all this time.


Luckily, illness and wellness are the yin and the yang, opposite sides of the same exact coin. So maybe, just maybe, this whole nightmare hasn’t been a total waste of my life force.

Maybe, learning about people who are unwell has taught me how to be well.

And maybe that’s what I need to fixate on now.

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