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I told Hubby I wanted a “BIG rock” for my 40th birthday and here it is!


I guess you could say a few things have changed since my last post.

  • I’m officially middle aged! (How did THAT happen?!?)
  • I officially changed my domain name and moved into a more professional-ish sounding website,
  • AND we *hopefully* have lost the stalker once and for all.

936 x 37

First things first– let me back up a bit.

The last stalker engagement was on August 31st. The judge issued an order in favor of the defendants (us) and against the plaintiff (him). Fruitloop was awarded nothing toward his claim and the judge found that we had no liability and did nothing wrong. (DUH!) This was the tenth judge to arrive at that conclusion, but who’s counting?

Fruitloop had 30 days to appeal the judge’s order and for the first time in 3.5 years…he didn’t do it! 

We are starting on month 3 of no engagement and we remain cautiously optimistic that he will continue to leave us alone. So…YAY!!!

936 x 37

Next up, my blog looks a bit different, and the domain name is different too. Grad school is winding down and I’m making the transition to what will hopefully be my long-term online space.

Next semester is my final semester of classes before my clinical placement starts, along with the many, many hours of supervision required to become a licensed psychotherapist. Hence, the new online digs. I think it’s kind of apropros at this stage in my life. Mental health is what I do, what I know, (and my own has been very hard won!) so I might as well get busy sharing it 🙂

We all know I talk (and write) about it incessantly. It’s time to just own it, baby.

One day I want to use this domain name as the web address of my private practice– complete with a photo of my office, a street address, a phone number, and all kinds of useful, professional-sounding mental health related stuff.  Until then, it will remain a repository for my thoughts on dealing with crazy neighbors, trying daily to be a good person, and the small steps I want to take to live a better life.

And please don’t worry–I’ll stop spamming my personal Facebook feed with notices of blog posts. If you want to receive notice of new posts by email, please sign up below (I promise to configure the list correctly this time!)– or you can “Like” the Facebook page I set up for that purpose [over here.]

936 x 37

Finally, let’s discuss turning the BIG 4-0.

#1: I now keep a black Sharpie in my bathroom drawer specifically for coloring in the GRAY hair that persists in growing in my part.

#2: I now have ACNE in addition to fine lines and “sun spots.” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!? So unfair.

#3: That muscle I pulled 4 years ago while lifting the Saint Bernard? Yeah, I still feel that and realize I might feel it from now on. Ugh.

#4: Nevertheless, this is still the best birthday EVER because I get to celebrate another birthday!

These have been an incredibly tough past few years, but standing in this light at the end *fingers crossed* of the tunnel, I am stronger, wiser, tougher, happier, and emotionally healthier than I’ve ever been before in my life.

Having the privilege of living these 40 years, and getting to share them with the people I love most, is an incredible gift. I couldn’t be more grateful today for my family, my friends, and this sweet sweet life!

I realize just how incredibly blessed I will be if I get to live 40 more.


So much love to you guys. Thanks for reading! Let’s go party!!!


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