Children & Teens

Educational Support and Counseling for Children and Teens:

As a former school-based mental health counselor, I have worked with students of all ages, helping them to achieve academic success. Often times, children experience limited success at school due to emotional issues; and sometimes children experience emotional issues due to limited success at school.

Academic performance, peer relationships, behavioral issues, and emotional regulation are so intertwined, that a child cannot become fully successful unless all facets are addressed together. With educational counseling, we seek to collectively address all of those areas.

Based on principles of cognitive psychology, students learn to:

  • Study smart instead of hard. 
  • Understand how to operate the “computer” inside their head for more efficient learning.
  • “File” their learned information correctly, resulting in easy retrieval (and higher test grades) later. 
  • Anticipate test questions and testing conditions to reduce anxiety and decrease stress. 
  • Enjoy learning again!

Mental Health Counseling for Children and Teens

As a parent, there is nothing more difficult than watching your child struggle.

Academics, peer relationships, anxiety, depression, social pressure, sexual identity, and body-image are just a few of the issues which can shake a young person’s confidence as they transition from child to adolescent to adult. As parents, we do our best to understand, support, and help our children along the way, but at times we can only do so much.  For a number of reasons, our kids just can’t -or won’t- listen to what we have to say.

Working with a counselor helps to bridge that gap.

As a children’s therapist, my goal is to help your child understand him or herself better as they navigate the sometimes difficult and confusing process of growing up; and help you, as a parent, understand and communicate with your child better–helping your family function better as a whole.

Healing begins with good communication, and good communication begins at home.

Skype-based Mental Health Counseling and Text Support

In-home counseling takes the pressure off.

Meeting with children in their own environment not only puts them at ease, but affords me the opportunity to observe the home and interactions of all family members while going about their normal routines.

With in-home counseling, there is no racing to appointments. I come to you.  No apprehension about meeting in an unfamiliar place. In-home counseling allows me to observe your child and your family in the environment in which the challenges occur-your own home. There, I can help identify both what’s working, as well as what’s not, and together we can determine how to reinforce the first while mitigating the rest.

For older children, teens, and adults, I offer Skype-based teletherapy and texting options to connect and interact using the platform they know best- their phone or handheld device. I know that if I want to connect with young people, I must make myself available in the manner in which they are most comfortable. That means embracing technology, and I’m all in.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, connect with us here. 

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